Entabeni giraffe


More Animals at the Entabeni Game Reserve – South Africa

I’d like to share with you more pictures of animals at the Entabeni Game Reserve. I am no photographer and generally can’t be bothered to take pictures of scenery or animals but this is a different story. I really wanted to capture the memory of experiencing these amazing creatures, I tried my best but these pictures are not even close.

It is difficult to describe the feeling you get when you come across a magnificent animal on a safari. Take the elephant for example, they are surprisingly difficult to see until they are practically next to you. They blend into the grass and trees like a large grey rock and they move so gracefully, from a distance it barely looks like they are moving at all. But then the next thing you know, they are right up next to you – not bothered by the engine of the land cruiser or the gasps from the people or the clicks of their cameras. They take slight interest, possibly rub against the truck and then they are on their way again, disappearing as quickly as they appeared.

The giraffe was incredible to see. He just marched right by so quickly, we literally shouted out to the giraffe to slow down so we could get more pictures. Their legs are so long, they can walk 16 km/h – that is their slow walking. That is faster than I can run. But he didn’t seem to be in a hurry, his natural rhythm seemed relaxing.

I had a chance to go up on a hot air balloon to watch the sun rise. I’ve always wanted to try this but it was not as exciting as I had hoped it would be. There was barely any wind so we pretty much stayed in the same spot, hovered for 45 minutes and then landed. We didn’t get to cruise over the grassy areas which I had hoped to see lions sleeping in. Nor did we hover over the woodlands where the elephants were found. We didn’t really see any animals at all.

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