Manifest Fun in the Emergency Room

Manifest Fun in the Emergency Room

I am sitting at the hospital for the third time this week. My arm is broken in several places, my knuckles have turned blue and I have been in a big line for emergency orthopaedic surgery for the past 3 days. I am grateful for this experience.

So as I sit here in the second waiting room of the emergency conveyor belt (again), I am trying to think of ways that I can bring some happiness to the other people that are sharing this experience with me. I see other patients with injured arms and legs (most of them still wearing snow pants and ski or boarding boots). I see people with deep bleeding cuts, a woman that cannot stand straight up, older people slouching painfully in wheelchairs and a woman having a seizure. All of us are eager to get treated and get home – most of us tired and hungry. The TVs in the waiting rooms are not helping anyone as they are showing repetitive bad news loops and they are hard to avoid.

Maybe if I reflect on all the positive things about my situation, I will know how to bring lightness to this room.

  • I am left handed and I broke my right arm (my bathroom visits are so much easier this way)
  • I did not hurt my legs, feet, back or head – all of these would be worse
  • I can’t wash dishes for 6 weeks until the cast comes off
  • I was going to make a New Years resolution to slow down, this is perfect!
  • In the last few days without a useable right arm, I’ve learned to use my feet to help with slicing tomatoes, opening jars, stuffing a pillow into a pillow case and using the lettuce spinner
  • It is hard to feel sorry for myself when there are so many concerned people asking how they can help
  • I am going to perfect right handed scissors with my left hand
  • I have a great reason to wear sweat pants every day
  • I only need one hand to use my vitamix – phew!
  • I can still meditate and think of all the things I am grateful for

As I am thinking about all of these things I am smiling. That smile became contagious and spread through this waiting room like a warm calm breeze. I guess that is my way of manifesting fun in the emergency room.

5 thoughts on “Manifest Fun in the Emergency Room

  1. Thank You Michele!
    Wise words. Tough things happen, then how do we deal with them?
    You are an inspiration with your example and your reminder of how we can make a concerted effort to find an element of helpful balance in the midst of challenges. Good practice…. for all of us.
    With admiration and love,
    Now, all best wishes for speedy healing.
    xo Shelley

  2. Michelle that is rotten luck despite your postive outlook, but thankfully you are keeping your chin up. I would really like to see you slicing tomatoes with the help of your feet!!

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