A Fun Time Alone at a Concert

A Fun Time Alone at a Concert

I was thrilled when I heard that Radiohead was coming to Seattle – Vancouver would have been better but Seattle was the next best thing. I scheduled uninterrupted time for both of their ticket sale dates but did not succeed. Huge stadiums sold out in minutes, it is very difficult to score tickets. It didn’t matter, I was sure I could find someone with an extra ticket, I was definitely going to be at this concert.

For a week leading up to the concert, I was checking a Facebook group and contacting people that said they had extra tickets. I missed out on several as they got snatched up quite quickly. I phoned one guy that had 5 extra General Admission tickets, he wanted $300 USD for 1 ticket. I said that was a little steep. He asked how much I was willing to spend and I replied “face value”. He hung the phone up on me.

Another person I was emailing with wanted me to drive out to Maple Ridge to meet her, give her my credit card in exchange for hers because you needed the original cc to get in. Then after the concert I would have had to drive back to her to switch cards again. And it wasn’t a great seat. Hmmm… I decided not to go with that option. I made the plan to just show up at the event and find a nice person to buy a ticket from.

For a few days leading up to the concert, after my morning meditation, I took a few minutes to visualize myself dancing in the GA area at the concert. Each time, I was so excited because I believed I would make it there somehow. I thought to myself, this will be a real test of manifestation because I was asking, trying, believing and now I just had to be smart enough to recognize the receiving part.

The morning of the concert, I happened to check Facebook an hour before I was set to leave and I met a girl that had an extra GA ticket. She was asking face value, she just wanted to get her money back! What luck! We arranged to meet at the venue and it all worked out. She was such a sweet girl, I had a great chat in line with her. I am so thankful to her for sharing her extra ticket with me.

I’ve never been to a concert by myself before and I have to say it was really cool. I was able to move around the crowd where ever I wanted and I didn’t have to scream to be heard. I danced and smiled and danced some more. I loved being in general admission because so many people were super excited, I saw a bunch of grown men jumping up and down giddy with excitement just before the band came on. Radiohead was spectacular, they put on a great show, maybe the best one I’ve seen.

I couldn’t help but hang around the back of the building afterwards for over an hour, with a group of other people that wanted to meet the band. Unfortunately I did not meet the band but I had fun chatting with many other fans. I then did the 3 hour drive home singing my heart out in the car. It was an epic adventure for this old lady and a good reminder that it is worth putting in the effort to manifest fun!

This wonderful person sold me her extra GA ticket to Radiohead Seattle
This wonderful person sold me her extra GA ticket to Radiohead Seattle

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