Hey there curious reader.

Have you ever wondered how to manifest something? And if you could, what would be the one thing you would want to manifest?

There are so many amazing teachings and movies about manifesting a wonderful life. The message is the same across the board and it seems to be achievable. What we focus on expands and becomes our reality. People who focus on health and happiness become healthy and happy. People who focus on debt and struggle, will attract those things. To manifest what you want, you have to visualize it, believe you are worthy of it, work towards it and be open to receiving it in the form that it is presented to you.

It turns out we are all masters at manifesting. Our lives are already a product of our beliefs so we really have to take a look at what we believe and think about how we can change our thought patterns that are not serving us.

From my experience, there were 2 times in my life where I really felt like I was going with the flow and amazing things were happening to me. Both of those times involved me moving to another city and starting a new life. I realize that it wasn’t because I moved that I was able to live this way, it was because I had no expectations. I was not trying to control every part of my life. I was open to the opportunities that were being presented and I went for them. I just wanted to have a good time wherever I went.

Manifesting our lives doesn’t have to get too deep. I am trying to keep it simple and light. One fun moment at a time. I always want to manifest fun.